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After months of negotiations, Trademark Poker worked out a deal with Paulson to sell their all clay poker chips to the home use market. Trademark Poker is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of genuine Paulson chips. Design your own chip and retain the exclusivity on your chip. We will advertise your chip here with your sale link. Call your account manager for details.

Authentic Paulson James Bond Casino de Isthmus Poker Chips!

Click here for the official Casino de Isthmus Paulson poker chips retailer.

Authentic Paulson Pharaoh Casino Poker Chips!

Click here for the official Pharaoh Casino Paulson poker chips retailer.

Authentic Paulson National Poker Series Poker Chips!
Authentic Paulson Tophat & Cane Poker Chips!

Each chip is made with the PAULSON CHIPS mold and has the same weight, workmanship, and material used in every Paulson Chip.

These chips are the same quality as those used in the casinos like Mirage and Bellagio. These are quite possibly the best poker chips in the world! And you can get an exclusive set made for your store!

Pricing on these chips will be as follows:

MSRP $1.25 each

Wholesale Pricing will be based on volume purchases from TrademarkPoker. You can contact our sales staff for pricing. 1-800-218-0104.

Create a custom chip for your own store.


There is a minimum order of 100,000 pieces for custom product. Your custom product will be limited to using the same color base and edge spots illustrated above.

Best bulk pricing will be for order of 100,000 pieces or more.

For further information please call our sales office.

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